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Private Investigations

Bill Tucker is a 28-year police veteran with over 15 years as a Detective. Bill & his staff work to give you the best quality, hi-tech investigations. The fee for private investigation is $100 per hour plus 85 cents per mile.

Our Services Include

Surveillance – Our experience in law enforcement narcotics investigations combined with our experience in family cases helps us to provide you with proper and legal documentation. We use the latest digital technology to provide you with the evidence needed for court cases.

GPS Surveillance – GPS helps to cut costs on actual surveillance; When possible, we’ll use GPS tracking to fact-find before doing actual physical surveillance.

Working with Attorneys – We’ve worked with criminal, civil, and family law attorneys to know what evidence and documentation (including photographic / video Evidence and written reports) they’ll need to help them win in court.

Locating difficult-to-find individuals & Social Media Investigations – Our background investigations can include finding hidden social media accounts.

Background Checks – Many sources enable us to gather the best background and financial information available to private individuals. Private Investigators In Berrien County

Contact MPI

Phone: 269-326-5599



Serving all types of legal documents since 2006, we utilize the latest computer technology to ensure a seamless operation. If you wish, you can click and fill out the form, and we will get back to you shortly.

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